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Film Projector -DREAMTOK-

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Film Projector -DREAMTOK-

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'Dreamtok' Film Projector

As a mom and a kid become one, "reading in the dark" and "sleeping in the light of dreams" are spread.

DREAMTOK provides the time that a mom and a kid draw imagination and talk looking at the same point.
It is not a digital beam project like a television.
Users can feel analog sensitivity looking at the picture of a film with the background of the sound that an app of smart phone can provide.
It stimulates children's creativity and curiosity and leads the habits of good reading and sleeping through the communication of a child and mom.


Target Customer

A child difficult to put to sleep
In case of a child who can't sleep easily, scaring of the dark night or gets fret before sleep, it develops children's emotional content together with a mom's warm lullaby.

Emotional play package of (play with mom)
Providing the film contents per age and phase that a mom and a child a self-directed learning while performing a simple task together

Kindergarten/nursery/playroom package
Use : Kindergarten, playroom, play classroom, kids' cafe, business kindergarten and nursery
Target : Children / Childcare teachers
Product : Film contents for childcare and education

Precautions for use

  1. Please use itwith parents.
  2. Do not look straight on a lens while using DREAMTOK Glaring occurs by strong light.
  3. Please be sure to use a power supply certified products.


Contents & App
We provide a projector using LED light source and the projection function using the flash function of smart phone. FILM BOOK(Video encyclopedia)
A variety of contents films are provided and the desired films can be additionally purchases through the app of smart phone.

PROJECTOR It is possible to use a couple of types using LED body or smart phone flash

Dimension(WxHxD) : 70 x 90 x 104mm / Weight : 138g / Range(Projection distance) : 3m / Connector type : Micro USB B Type(DC5V/2A)

FILM We provide the imagination EQ contents for the creativity enhancement of infants from one year old.

FILM Material : PET / Film size(W x H x D) : 132.5 x 24 x 0.25mm / Manufacture : IR Link Corp(KOREA)

We provide various contents such as language education contents for 3~7 years, storytelling emotion contents, education for living and so forth.

FILM BOOK We provide the film contents management book as the form of quality infant book.
Film material : PET / Film Book Size(W x H x D) : 28 x 22 x 10mm / Film : 100 sheets storage maximum / Manufacture : IR Link Corp(Korea)

APPLICATION It is available to share the film contents and purchase additionally, and the sound per content is provided.
Participating in event through membership!
It is a mobile application supporting parents' community function such as the order(customized) and evaluation of necessary contents.

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